Opt-in Torridge garden waste collection

On the 4th June 2018, Torridge District Council will be introducing an optional garden waste collection service for an annual fee of £35. The service is also being extended to cover all properties in Torridge so any resident in the district can now sign up. Signing up for the service is quick and easy online via a dedicated web page at www.torridge.gov.uk/gardenwaste but anyone who is unable to register online can call 01237 428700 and select option3.

Residents signing up to the service will receive a sticker to place on their green wheelie bins. After the 4th June, only households who have subscribed to the service and are displaying the new sticker will have their bins emptied on a fortnightly basis.

The changes to the service are being introduced at the same time as other initiatives designed to further improve recycling rates and reduce the number of plastics and other materials ending up in landfill. These include a new weekly food waste collection service via new large food caddies which will be delivered to every household and fortnightly black bag collections for domestic waste.

Councillor Mervyn Langmead – Lead Member for Waste and Recycling said: “We are facing an ongoing challenge to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and we very much hope that Torridge residents will continue to help us to recycle more. Over the coming weeks, leaflets will be posted to all households across the district to explain what can and cannot be recycled and advising of any changes to collection days. We have decided to make a charge for garden waste collected in the green wheelie bins, which means you will now need to sign up and pay if you wish to make use of this service. There is still plenty of time to register and the small annual charge will also allow us to roll out the option to all parts of the district going forward and make other positive changes such as weekly recyclable food waste collections.”

As part of the service changes, residents will no longer be able to put food waste into their Green Wheelie Bins (which will now be used for Garden Waste only). Instead, a separate food waste container, called a kerbside caddie, will be delivered to all homes in the District before 4th June. The caddie has been specially designed so that once filled, the handle of the caddie is pulled forward and this locks the caddie and prevents any disturbance by rodents, birds or other animals. Residents will be able to throw all raw and cooked food waste (including peelings, egg shells and even bones) into the caddies which can be lined with compostable bags or newspaper. All of this material will then be recycled.

Full details of Torridge’s Garden Waste Collection service, including terms and conditions, can be found on the Council’s website www.torridge.gov.uk/gardenwaste

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  • Nobbled says:

    I’m not paying another £35…I’ll just put all garden waste in a couple of black bags…always used my green bin but I’m not paying extra…so you can still take it all away…it just won’t get composted…your choice to change a system that worked.

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