Ooh, it makes me wonder

By Binzy Reynolds:


My wife and I were looking for a property to renovate and came across a lovely little cottage just outside Bude in Cornwall. It was in a bit of a state and needed a lot of work.

We managed to carry out most of the work ourselves and after nearly a year of hard graft, the only outstanding job was the renovation of the staircase. Sadly, it was riddled with woodworm and starting to rot. The whole thing needed replacing and was a bit beyond our DIY capabilities. I looked around for a local carpenter to construct a replacement to match the décor in the rest of the cottage. Something nice but not too grand.

No one in the Bude area would do the work, as they were all booked up for months. I asked further afield and eventually found a carpenter in Tavistock who could carry out the work I required.

I was chatting about it with my mates in the pub a couple of weeks later who were absolutely livid when I informed them what I’d done. They couldn’t believe I was buying a stairway from Devon.

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