On the spot fines for litter

If the bin is full, why add to it until this happens? Take it home or find another bin.

Well, for some people, asking nicely and providing bins doesn’t work, so now councils can give out on the spot fines for litter pollution, which includes food waste, cigarette butts (saw someone chuck one of those on the floor this morning in Bude), not cleaning up after your dog, chewing gum, cans, bottles, plastics and big bags of rubbish, along with fly-posting and graffiti.

Cornwall Council’s website says:

People who carelessly discard litter in a public open place are committing a criminal offence. In cases of littering, the normal course of action will be to offer a notice of opportunity to pay a fixed penalty, providing the offender is cooperative. It is now also, thankfully, an offence to throw litter from a vehicle, as the amount of garbage left in lay-bys is beyond a joke. .
If the registration number is taken the registered keeper’s identity can be obtained from the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency by the police or the local authority. Witnesses should note whether the driver or passenger threw the litter and take a good description of the vehicle and offender in case it is needed in evidence.
Litter louts now face the prospect of a £150 on the spot fine in a welcome government clamp down on rubbish on the streets.

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