Older and younger people impacted differently by COVID-19

I’ve been reading info from the Office for National Statistics on how lockdown has impacted different age groups, which highlights significant differences between younger and older people, probably for obvious reasons, as older people seem to be more at risk from serious illness or death from the disease.

The info says:

Older people, especially those advised to shield, were more likely to say their access to groceries, medication and other essentials had been affected than younger people.

Young people on the other hand were more likely to be worried about the impact on their schooling or university courses, their work and their relationships. With young across the country being home schooled, and exam results being based on predicted grades, this concern is unsurprising.

Romantically, young people are less likely to live as a couple and couples who are not part of the same household were unable to see each other for most of the lockdown period.

Coping mechanisms …

  • Young people were more likely to say they had been watching TV, films or using streaming services and socialising over the internet.
  • Older people also said they had been staying in touch with family and friends remotely. They were more likely than young people to have been coping by reading and gardening.
  • Young people were the most optimistic about when life would return to normal. More than half said they think life would be back to normal within six months. This is significantly higher than the 36% of older people who said the same.
  • People across all ages thought the general economic situation in the country will get worse., but again, younger people were more optimistic about the future.

To add to this, I’d also suggest, certainly in our area, that older people are more likely to be self-employed/have their own businesses so the impact on income may well have been greater. Middle-aged parents are also probably worrying a lot about the future prospects of their children at work, university or school, while also anxious about the wellbeing of their elderly parents, sandwiched as ever but possibly more so.

What are your thoughts?

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