#Okehampton Line on Agenda

Dan Rogerson presents petitions to Network Rail

Dan Rogerson presents petitions to Network Rail

The Coalition Government has confirmed that they will work with Network Rail to examine how the railway line from Exeter to Plymouth via Okehampton can be re-opened.

The Government will work with councils and local enterprise partnerships to undertake a feasibility study into re-opening the line across Dartmoor.
North Cornwall’s Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson hailed the decision as a step in the right direction.
Dan said:
“I welcome this decision by ministers to examine how the Government, local authorities and Network Rail can work together to re-open the railway line to Plymouth via Okehampton as the preferred option for an additional rail line west of Exeter.
“Not only would this provide an alternative route to keep our area connected if there are any problems on the existing mainline, it would also see regular rail services opened up to many communities in Devon and would bring the railways closer to north and east Cornwall.

“Thousands of local residents, businesses and tourism groups have already backed the campaign to re-open the railway line from Exeter to Okehampton and Tavistock. It is right that the Government is investing in protecting the existing railway line at Dawlish and along the South Devon coast, but I am confident that this can be done at the same time as re-opening the Dartmoor line too.”

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