Oh my! – as Martin’s book sadly comes wrapped in plastic

Bude Author, Martin Dorey, got just a little (understandably) brassed off recently when his new book on making a difference, called No More Plastic, came wrapped in, yes, you’ve guessed it, single-use plastic.

On his Instagram account, Martin exclaimed that having worked hard on the book, and with the printer to make it environmentally friendly, to see it arrive wrapped in plastic was a shambles. He wrote:

It’s an absolute shambles, undoes all our hard work and proves, once again, that we are using plastic with out eyes closed. We are sleep-walking into oblivion, using plastic without thinking because it’s what we’ve been doing, it’s the way we do things. The thing is that everything has to change … we have to reassess everything. Your reusable mug will not be enough to save the world! We all have to do everything at every level to stop the stupid, senseless use of plastic … it makes me sad that we are so clever, and yet so stupid.

It must sometimes feel like heads are being banged against brick walls! Good luck with the book and the message, Martin.



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