Odds of success in N Cornwall election seat

Well, I’ve had my first ever look at a betting site, and could not make head nor tail of the odds for the General Election. It seems that for North Cornwall:

Conservative Scott Mann …  currently has odds of 1/5 of being re-elected. He faces competition from Lib Dem candidate Danny Chambers who is being quoted at 3/1 to take control. In North Cornwall, the Green Party has stood aside in an agreement with the Lib Dems so the other candidates are Labour’s Joy Bassett (100/1) and Liberal Elmars Liepins (200/1). Cornwall Live

Scott Mann has been criticised for not attending hustings events after threats have allegedly been received by candidates who are taking things very seriously following the death of MP Jo Cox. He is focusing on canvassing, which is presumably safer.

Overall, all the national predictions are for a Conservative win, with a forecast (this morning) of 351 seats overall for them. This would be a comfortable victory for the party, so here’s hoping it is a little more exciting on the day.

Meanwhile, if you are undecided, then don’t forget to use FactcheckerHere is a fact-checked article about last night’s debate between Johnson and Corbyn.

For those for whom Brexit is still the key issue, I like the phrase remember that Brexit is a process, not an event … it will run for years and years … 

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