Nude in Bude – this morning’s mass skinny dip!

This morning saw the first organised mass skinny dip in Cornwall at our very own Summerleaze Beach in aid of the mental health charity, MIND. I hear around 180 people joined in.

A big shout out to all those who took part in this fundraiser for the charity. Taking your clothes off in public isn’t easy, being in love with your body whatever your shape and size isn’t easy, and braving the sea starkers in May definitely isn’t easy! My gadgetry often wants to type Nude for Bude, but today when it should have, it didn’t!

Great to see so many involved. Hopefully, we will find out official fundraising figures soon.

How it all began … 

For the last two years teacher Ruth Hunt has been inspired by the work of the NE Skinny Dip, an established annual skinny dip now in its 7th year, having raised over £40,000 for the Charity Mind.

Working in a primary school, Ruth spends time simply listening to children who come to her with their troubles and sees first-hand how the pressures of modern day life are affecting the well-being of children and young people as well as adults.

Ruth decided it was time the South West offered a similar event for those not able to travel to Northumberland to show their support

Having overcome her own depression issues in the past she wanted to do something to help others struggling with mental health problems.

This event was planned in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week (14 – 20 May 2019) to bring sympathetic people together, sharing stories around the campfire at the Cerenety Eco-campsite, waking up with the sunrise, taking a step out of their comfort zones to challenge fears and insecurities and, with the encouragement of camaraderie, run into the sea together.

Trying to get some photos of the event and will update if any are available.

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