NSPCC SW on school closures

Yesterday, the Government announced that schools would close o Friday for an unknown duration due to Coronavirus. However, some provision will be made for children in vulnerable situations.


Anna Edmundson, NSPCC Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said:

“The Government has clearly acknowledged the need to keep children safe from abuse and neglect during this national health emergency.
Teachers act as the eyes and ears for the community and have a vital role in ensuring children receive the right protection. Therefore, it is encouraging that the most vulnerable young people will continue to go to school to find safety and support.
But the process needs to be carried out with care and sensitivity to avoid children feeling as though they are being singled out. It is also important to recognise that this is not black and white as there will be children that are vulnerable to abuse but fall outside this process.
At the NSPCC, we will be looking closely at the detail of the plans and we look forward to discussing how they will work in practice with the Government.”

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