NSPCC SW comments on new Ofcom powers to regulate social media to protect children

Today the Government has announced landmark plans to give Ofcom powers to regulate social networks and protect children from harm on their sites. Through the NSPCC’s Wild West Web campaign, the charity has been tirelessly campaigning for children to be better protected online.

NSPCC CEO Peter Wanless said: “The Government has today signalled they are willing to stand up to Silicon Valley and commit to landmark British regulation that could set a global standard in protecting children online.

“For far too long the safety of children has been an inconvenience for social media companies who have left them exposed to harmful content, grooming and abuse.  

“Tech giants will only do all that they should to stop groomers abusing children on their sites if the penalties for failure are game-changing.

“Ministers must now move urgently to get a proactive duty of care onto the statute books that gives Ofcom the powers to lift up the bonnet on social networks, impose hefty fines on rogue companies and hold named directors criminally accountable for putting children at risk.”

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