Not ‘stuck’ in lockdown, but ‘safe’ in lockdown

I saw this on social media this morning, shared back in March for Lockdown1; it’s all about mindset.


Terry Waite spent 1763 (almost 5 years – we cannot even begin to imagine this) days as a hostage in appalling conditions, most of the time chained to a radiator, denied many basic comforts. Waite was the special envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who secured the release of missionaries before being captured and imprisoned by Shi-ites in the Lebanon. He said he was often beaten, blindfolded and subjected to mock executions. As asthma sufferer, he was moved around in a giant refrigerator.
If we compare a month of lockdown to that, well, what are we moaning about?
Change your mindset he said, you’re not STUCK at home, you’re SAFE at home ❤️ #TerryWaite
His advice from the Hostage International Facebook page is this:
1. Keep in contact with others via digital and other means, while staying safe and remaining physically apart.
2. Keep yourself well: don’t slob around all day in pyjamas and a dressing gown!
3. Keep up a routine: get up at a certain time, eat regular meals.
4. Take exercise: dust off the exercise bike, do some online exercise or go for a walk.
5. Take this time of restriction as an opportunity: do some of those things you’ve been meaning to do for years, such as reading that book that’s been on your shelves for years!

“In solitude we are in fact together, so keep hope alive and don’t allow despair to destroy a difficult but potentially creative period of your life.”

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