North Devon Link Road

As someone who uses the North Devon Link Road fairly frequently, I was interested to read this article in the Gazette.

I’m certainly in agreement with the article that the road, as it is, is unsafe, with variable fast and slow stretches, quite a bit of undulation, and numerous heavy vehicles. What always happens (not usually with me because I always give myself ridiculous amounts of time to get to Tiverton Parkway) is that people in a hurry are slowed down by roadworks, or vehicles, or weather, and then get mighty irritated, stepping on the gas when they can and cutting people up when the road returns to one lane, often pretty dangerously.

It really needs to be a dual carriageway, as people come off the M5 not expecting the often sluggish pace of the link road. A dual carriageway would not only be safer but would speed up traffic flow, and make journeys both faster and smoother.


Any thoughts welcome.


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  • Avatar Phil Sutton says:

    I have to agree with you on this one.The Devon link road is pretty dire.As usual,I suppose the planners never thought far enough in front to realise how much traffic a better road will generate.As a good example is the A42/M42.goes from a 3 lane motorway to a 2 lane motorway to a 2 lane A road,yet it is a major link from the M1 to Birmingham and beyond.The queues during the morning and evening rush are horrendous.As for the Link road,it was probably done as cheap as possible,and now Devon CC are too cash strapped to improve it.

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