No new restrictions announced by PM

It seems quite odd when ‘no new restrictions’ is news.

Daily figures show 200,000 people testing positive for Covid but Plan B remains in place following the Prime Minister’s press announcement earlier this evening.

He announced plans for daily lateral flow tests for 100,000 critical workers from 10th January, amid concerns over huge staff shortages in hospitals, schools and on the railways. Mandatory face-coverings on public transport and in enclosed public spaces remain along with so-called Covid passports/passes for large scale events.

Cases in Cornwall totalled 5144 in the 7 days to 30th December, a rise of 2033. For the same period, cases in Bude were 162, a case rate of 1528.4 per 100,000 people.

The government is still urging people to get vaccinated.

What’s your view?




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