No excuse for driving without insurance

From Devon & Cornwall Police:

Just short of 60 vehicles were seized by police in Devon & Cornwall in the seven days of the Motor Insurers Bureau supported  Operation Drive Insured, 12 – 18 November 2018.

Of the 57 Vehicles seized using Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act, 54 were for having no valid insurance and three because the drivers did not have a valid license.

As a minimum the drivers of uninsured vehicles will receive six points on their licence and a £300 fine. There is also a minimum charge of £150 to get their vehicles back which owners have 14 days to do. They must insure it and prove to the police it is in order before going to the garage to pay for its release.

Numerous other drivers were stopped for insurance offences but allowed to reinsure at the roadside.


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