No Boundaries Textile Group Exhibition at The Castle Bude

There is a wonderful exhibition on until 3rd of October in The Blanchminster Room. I visited the exhibition a few days ago and was very impressed with the variety and scope of the work on show by the No Boundaries Textile Group.

The group meets once a month at Whitstone Village Hall and as the name suggests they endeavour not to put any limits on their ideas or techniques.  They are most definitely not just an ’embroidery group’ as they have used various textile media and methods to produce this outstanding show of their individual talents.

The group has been in existence for nearly 10 years and this is their fourth biennial exhibition.  The members of the group have varied backgrounds and not every member has an artistic background but they all learn from each other and new members are always welcome!  If you are interested in the group you can speak to one of the stewards whilst visiting the exhibition. This exhibition is well worth a visit and I am sure you too will be amazed by the items on display!


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