No B & B social media until June

It pains me, after such good work and community spirit happening in Bude in the early days of Coronavirus lockdown, to have to effectively disable commenting on our social media, which we try to moderate but which is increasingly difficult as it is becoming a full-time job. Amazingly, I do not want to spend all my time checking vitriol and reading negative comments.

A number of people have been in touch to complain about people swearing (I filter each new swear word as I come across one) but increasingly also about the negativity and personal insults (to me and others), something which is understandably simply getting people down.  B & B was meant as a platform to share and disseminate information, largely material relevant to Bude but also from outside Bude as none of us live in a bubble. When that is prevented from happening, then it loses its purpose.

As Bude and Beyond is voluntary and does not rely on subscriptions or purchase, we have the power to just take the site down if needed. We haven’t gone that far, but the associated social media is having a rest. Just so you know.

This is a time to support each other, question content and news, by all means (that’s why it’s there) but not just attack the messenger or anyone else who expresses a view different to our own. So, let’s all have a rest from it, especially me.

As Gloria Steinem said: we do not learn when talking, we learn from listening. Many people are not listening at the moment.



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