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Beginners, Bude CC

Beginners showing at the Parkhouse on 20th September

It’s said that when it comes to relationships, we’re all beginners. And Beginners is a comedy/drama about how deeply funny and transforming life can be – even at more serious times.

Here’s the situation: Oliver Fields’ father Hal has recently died. Oliver meets the slightly scatty, irreverent and unpredictable Anna. In this new relationship Oliver recalls the upheavals when Hal who, at the age of 75, and shortly after the death of the wife to whom he was married for 45 years, is rejuvenated by a gay relationship with a much younger man.

Not surprisingly, the film is classed as Comedy, Drama and Romance (with added confusion) – starring Ewan McGregor as Oliver, Christopher Plummer as Hal and Mélanie Laurent as Anna. Showing at The Parkhouse on 20th September (Thursday) – a date for your diary….







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