Newquay Airport commits to ‘living wage’

Cornwall Airport Limited (CAL) the operator of Cornwall Airport Newquay has become the latest Cornish employer to make a commitment to pay staff the Foundation Living Wage (FLW) ensuring that their staff feel valued but also are able to earn a wage that reflects the cost of living in the county.

The move will ensure that all staff employed directly by the Airport will be on at least £9.00phr.

Cornwall Airport Newquay Managing Director, Al Titterington, explained: “We are pleased to announce that as of 1st April 2019 all of our colleagues will be paid the minimum Foundation Living Wage rate. We believe that this will not only enable us to recruit the best staff but it will also reward the hardworking staff we have here at the Airport and improve retention of

“It will help boost staff morale and hopefully give our staff a real incentive to stay with the Airport and develop their skill set.”

It is hoped that the increase to the foundation living wage will also address issues with recruitment as a result of Brexit. The Airport has found that with the labour supply decreasing,  recruitment has become more difficult in some areas. This summer saw a 12% vacancy rate in both security and café roles and it is hoped that the wage increase will help address that situation next year.

Titterington continues: “Whilst we have many staff already earning more than the foundation living wage the adoption of the new rate will have a positive impact on over 90 colleagues who work for the Company”.

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