New website for our sponsor, The Surfin Frog

Thrilled to see our sponsor, The Surfin’Frog, working in collaboration with a key member of the Bude & Beyond team, Dean Wronowski. The Frog has a new website designed by Dean who surely has to be Bude’s premier website designer.

Dean also gives back to the community so we are privileged to have him working with Bude & Beyond, including design but also monitoring the Facebook page (a considerable task).

While I’m at it, thanks also to Rob Wilcox who keeps it all working and only recently donated the cost of the hosting for the website which is not an inconsiderable amount. I owe him some beer! Without these guys and our sponsors, we could not offer Bude & Beyond in the current format, free to the end-user, you.

Starting the week with gratitude for everyone’s time, effort and sponsorship which complements the many hours that I put into the site, too.

How can you help? We’d love more communication from you, so please use our sponsors, comment on our articles (constructively is wonderful) and engage in a good way with all the goodwill that Bude & Beyond attracts. And if you want to write any articles, jump on board …  email or contact us via our FB page


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