New look Crescent Post Office wins admirers

Heard from a reader how they love the Crescent Post Office’s new look. So do I.

I have to say the staff there are always incredibly helpful and friendly – and they sell my Bude books! What not to like.

The shop is packed with interesting items from eggs to cakes to cards, hot pasties to ice cream, and the Post Office also offers many banking services. Use them … Merry Christmas!


  • Trevor Macey says:

    I moved away from Bude nearly 5 years ago but visit whenever I can. Its great to get a newspaper from their shop and be greeted by my first name as if I had seen them last weekend! Trevor Macey

  • Rowena Hoseason says:

    A simply brilliant general store. We’ve used the post office / shop zillions of times in the past couple of months and they’re always extremely helpful and efficient. The PO counter in particular is really well run to keep queues to a minimum – and the staff really know what they’re doing, so process parcels and wotnot very quickly. They’re great for suggesting the correct service – overall, so much better than the typical PO counter you find in big chain stores these days…

  • Beverley Tree says:

    I love it! I buy my paper and use the post office to get cash and post. They sell so many interesting and useful things.I love the Saffron buns. The staff are lovely too.

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