New LibDem Candidate for Wadebridge

Karen McHugh profileFor those out Wadebridge way, I’ve been told that a Wadebridge mum and health professional Karen McHugh has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the upcoming Cornwall Council by-election to the division of Wadebridge West.

Karen, known to many local residents by her maiden surname, Williams, was educated at Wadebridge Comprehensive School and then Truro College. Like so many young people, she had to leave Cornwall to pursue her education and chosen career as a diagnostic radiographer. After twelve years away, Karen returned home to Wadebridge with her family in 2011 and now works at Treliske.

Karen was selected by a ballot of Lib Dem members in the Wadebridge West electoral division on Monday 7th March 2016, with an overall turnout of 65%.

Speaking of her selection, Karen McHugh said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been selected to represent Wadebridge. Looking ahead, I hope to campaign to fairly represent both the families I grew up with and new faces alike, and, if successful, to be an insightful Cornwall Councillor, with a new set of eyes and a fresh approach.”

Chairman of North Cornwall Liberal Democrats, John Lamb, added: “I have no doubt that Karen McHugh would be an excellent Cornwall Councillor for Wadebridge West. Given the circumstances of this by-election, this is a unique opportunity for the people of Wadebridge to send a message to the Conservative government.

“The Conservatives have a terrible track record both nationally and in Cornwall. In recent years they tried to introduce ‘Regional Pay’ that would have seen nurses and teachers in Cornwall paid less than their counterparts in other parts of the country. They voted to cut the tax credits of local, hard-working families in Wadebridge. More recently, Conservative MPs voted for the sell-off of social housing, which will make it harder for local people to stay in Wadebridge.

“It’s abundantly clear that the last thing that Wadebridge needs is more Conservative influence.”

Speaking after Karen was selected, Stephen Knightley, Liberal Democrat Cornwall Councillor for the neighbouring electoral division of Wadebridge East, said: “I’ve known Karen for a long time. She is determined, caring and puts her heart into everything she does. I’ve worked with Karen’s mum when she served local residents on the parish council and on the board of Governors of St Minver School, and hope to work with Karen on Cornwall Council to provide a strong team for Wadebridge.”

Jeremy Rowe, the Lib Dem Councillor for the neighbouring division of St Issey and St Tudy, added “I’ve known Karen for many years and know there’s no-one better to fight for Wadebridge.”

Former MP, Dan Rogerson, said: “Here in North Cornwall, the contest is between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. By voting for Lib Dem Karen McHugh, local people will not only be electing an excellent Cornwall Councillor but also sending a clear message to the Conservative government. But voting for anyone except Karen will only help the Conservatives to win here.”

The Wadebridge West by-election will take place on Thursday 14th April.

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