New display at Just Gentz

Some years ago, when my father-in-law passed away, we gave his collection of cut-throat razors to our sponsoring advertisers at Just Gentz on Queen Street – and promptly forgot about them.

Now, Chloe from Just Gentz informs we they are in a display cabinet for all to see.

People keep asking the girls there the story behind them. Alas, it isn’t that interesting. We have no links with barbering in the family, but the owner, Dr Don Walsh, was an electrical engineer at Oxford. After an accident forced his early retirement, he started attending auctions and collecting many things, like coins and stamps. One of his collections was slightly more unusually of cut-throat razors.

It is lovely to see the items on display at Just Gentz, so if you are calling in for a haircut, do take a look.

The cut-throat razor, with a single blade that folds back into itself, is still in use today but was also used in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, so has staying power. They were surgically sharp and the name highlights the potential danger if in the wrong hands!

Rest assured, the girls at Just Gentz  have these nostalgic ones firmly and safely behind glass, and are perfectly adept at both shaving and hair cutting.




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