New deli section at Bellini’s

I know I go on quite a bit about how good Cafe Bellini’s is, but I truly believe the food and service are wonderful, and it is the closest place I’ve encountered to a continental cafe. On a good day you can sit outside. The view isn’t spectacular, but it’s a great place when shopping to stop for food, refreshments and conversation.

Even the salads have simple but scrumptious items like basil in, which I struggle to find elsewhere in Bude. The food is wholesome and flavoursome.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that Bellini’s is now not only good, it is brilliant. They have started up a new deli section, which is set to improve still further. Owners, Adam and Anna, are very excited by the changes, and so are the customers. The place was full at lunchtime today, though I appreciate it is only a small premises. I was thrilled to be able to buy items from the Cornish Olive Stall  along with items from Norton Barton without slogging into the wilds to get there. The olives (such a fan) are in delicious marinades and are not pasteurised, soaked in salty brine or oil.  You can definitely taste the difference. Beautiful bread is also on the agenda!

So, now Bellini’s has a cafe (plans are to change the menus more often although they already have daily specials), fine gelato, plus a deli so you can eat Bellini-style at home. It’s all evolving and developing, but the food remains delicious, and the atmosphere chatty and friendly.

Seriously, I just love the place. Give it a whirl!  More soon…

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