New apartments for Upton after planning appeal win

The Bazeley Partnership has won a planning appeal for this apartment development in Upton, Bude, following a refusal by Cornwall Council’s full planning committee. The Secretary of State overturned the Council decision.

The selection of nine two and three-bedroom apartments with on-site parking, plus a lift accessible penthouse apartment has proven controversial for the local architects. There were objections to the planning application. The development was inspired by the dramatic coastal location, with uninterrupted sea views on clear days from Lundy Island to Trevose Head, a view worth paying for.  Serendah Apartment Building - The Bazeley Partnership

The Bazeley Partnership says it wanted to design a building that provides for the local economy, complements neighbouring properties and excites the community around it. It has certainly done that last bit on our Facebook page.  They suggest there is a gap in the market for high-end accommodation, so it has partly become an issue about affordable housing.


Here’s what people have been saying:

Fay has questioned the need for high-quality housing, saying: The gap in the market is for affordable housing!

Matthew makes the point that even affordable housing isn’t affordable: There’s affordable housing in Bude that isn’t selling. The real problem is a lot of people can’t afford an affordable home or at least don’t want to commit to buying one. 

Joy reiterates this: After renting from our private landlord for 31 years we are being made homeless due to him passing on. Not everyone can afford to buy a property and there is NOTHING suitable for us to move into in Bude, I feel very sad at the prospect of moving from the area where we brought our family up because of this type of development rather than affordable homes for rent. If anyone has a two-bedroom house to rent, Joy is interested.

Pip adds: OK for a CITY, not Upton

Jo exclaims: And despite all the local objections, along with Bude and Stratton Town Council and Cornwall County Council’s rejection of the plan, on appeal to a higher authority, the planning was approved by someone who has no idea of the damage this building will cause to the local environment and neighbours. 

Violet isn’t impressed: Wow! This is certainly not easy on the eye …poor Upton…

Meanwhile, Matthew adds a positive: Good stuff, there are so many people trying to hold Bude back. I for one have respect that people are choosing to spend large amounts of money on development around Bude.




  • Chris Pointer says:

    How many months each year will the apartments be empty as I can’t see locals buying them?

  • Helen Goodgroves says:

    I’m all for moving forward with the growth of our area but really how on earth does this fit in with any of the surrounding area? Sorry for those I may offend, but I think it’s ugly. How did this ever get through planning? Bring back Brenda ‘CREAM TEAS AND CONCRETE”. This design should have never got through.

  • Nikki says:

    I don’t know about the design or the price but I am worried about is Bude lack of facilities! The doctors’ surgeries are struggling, the schools are rammed and the roads come to a standstill just from the car boot sale lot on Sunday! It’s all very well building all these new houses for people whether it is affordable or not, we simply haven’t got the facilities to accommodate them all.

  • Teresa Lane says:

    Awful design, like a cheap hotel. How can it fit in with the area?

  • Rebecca Reed says:

    More apartments that local people probably won’t be able to afford – “a view worth paying for” gives me that hint! I’m glad that people are wanting to invest in the area but inviting more people who made their money out of the area, who are normally the only ones who can afford these new places is not going to help with the local economy, i.e., jobs, schools, hospital, etc

  • Christopher Reeves says:

    More second homes and holiday lets.

  • Kath Brabbins says:

    Clinical, angular, ugly, and overpriced. Hardly destined to reflect their surroundings or be bought by those supporting the local economy.
    Locals overruled again, and by the Secretary of State, no less. What’s his interest?

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