Neighbourhood Watch Week

17 – 23 June is National Neighbourhood Watch Week.

On 18 June Devon & Cornwall Police are hosting a regional meeting at Police HQ in Exeter for County Association Chairs and police leads of Neighbourhood Watch which will also be attended by representatives of the national organisation. The aim of the gathering is to identify best practice and disseminate it across the region.

In Devon and Cornwall it has 68,000 households involved.

Neighbourhood Watch is light years away from the once common, and inaccurate, perception that it is nosey neighbours twitching curtains. Far from it, it is a genuinely useful and active community intelligence tool for the blue light services and a force for reassurance and cohesiveness in communities.

In Devon, DaCCWA (Devon and Cornwall Community Watches Association) in partnership with the police oversees a number of Watch schemes such as Boat Watch, Farm Watch and of course Neighbourhood Watch. Information about all of this can be found on this page of the Devon & Cornwall Police website

Neighbourhood Watch organisers and both police forces recommend that everyone, even if not in a Neighbourhood Watch area, sign up for free community alerts and news delivered by email, text or phone through Devon and Cornwall Alert here

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