My wish for 2019 – better transport links for those without cars

Luckily, I drive, but many can’t or don’t. So, when I saw an email from the Campaign for Better Transport I thought wouldn’t that be wonderful? A lady in Worcestershire was explaining how she lives in a rural village but has an hourly bus service to a train link so can access the library and a cafe.

While in S Devon recently, I noticed that the fairly isolated village of Torcross has a service to Totnes (railway station and Plymouth, hospital, etc) but also to Dartmouth from where people can get to Exeter or across the river to places like Paignton for national transport links.

I applaud the work done this last year by Connect Bude, not least because if I couldn’t drive, I’d feel very isolated, so others presumably do, too. All power to Connect Bude for 2019 as rural transport links have serious cope for improvement.


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