My visit to Covid mass vaccination centre

Yesterday, I had a nice drive out to the Royal Cornwall Showground at Wadebridge for my Covid-19 vaccination. A bit of a trek but well worth it.  As I mentioned in a previous article, I have an irrational fear of injections, but everyone was very helpful and reassuring – and it did not hurt!

Today I feel a little weary and last night I had an almighty headache – but it shows that something is happening, and the side-effects won’t last forever.

Just to say that the vaccination centre ran like clockwork. The centre opened to the most vulnerable on Monday 1st February, and seems to have run really well, staffed by the emergency services and volunteers – thanks to them all for making it run so smoothly.

People will receive a letter when it is their turn to have the vaccine. Anyone who has not yet heard from the NHS (you should receive a letter), who is over 60, can book their vaccine here. The letter also directs you to the website.

Iain Davidson, clinical lead for the vaccination centre at Wadebridge, and chief pharmacist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, said:

“Our vaccination site has been set up to make it as easy as possible for you to attend and our team are ready and willing to vaccinate you and help us return to a sense of normality.

“The vaccine is safe and it will reduce the chances of you developing the COVID infection and of serious illness from COVID.

“It will help you protect your friends and family and help to protect the NHS, allowing is to do our jobs in protecting you from other illnesses.”

People are asked not to contact their GP or the vaccination sites or visit without an appointment.


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