My hot chocolate challenge

Yesterday, I sat in Bellini’s noticing people drinking sensible drinks like water and tea. I ordered my usual hot chocolate – warm, sweet, chocolatey. It was delicious. It was at this point I made the decision to make it my last for a while.

You see, not only do I have the occasional hot chocolate when out but I drink it by the ‘bucketload’ at home, too, where it is my drink of choice. My eldest daughter told me of someone she knew losing half a stone giving up hot chocolate. There were other reasons for trying to cut my hot chocolate intake down but what to drink instead? I don’t drink coffee, fruit teas don’t do it for me, and builders’ tea gets a bit boring after a while. I have indulged in lots of water during the hot weather. Indeed, my younger son pointed out that hot chocolate is not providing me with nearly enough hydration. Reusable plastic bottles have helped with that.

Anyway, I made my pledge not to buy any more hot chocolate for as long as I can manage it. Instead, I tried some jasmine tea from Bellini’s having been given a taster by Adam and Anna to try. It is fresh and fragrant and yes, actually quite refreshing.

My biggest difficulty is spurning the hot chocolate as first drink of the day but today I managed to stick to the jasmine tea, and since have been drinking water. Worth a try on many levels: sugar reduction, calorie reduction, dairy reduction and better hydration. It also seems slightly more ‘normal’ to drink things other people enjoy. I am not quite sure where my hot chocolate habit came from but certainly when I first arrived in Bude I was taken by the lovely options available in places like Rosie’s and Bellini’s. During the previous years up north when I’d worked (and gone to the gym for early morning swimming, it must be said) I’d always had tea as my daytime drink.

That’s me on the left at 20! Ahem, five children later and what happened?

Anyway, I’m told it takes 21 days to break a habit (though reading this the time frame is much longer, so I need to be disciplined). It could be much worse; I’m not hooked on drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. So, here goes … wish me luck!

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