My first Barre Class At Assaya

By Clare Ellis.


Like most young girls I dreamt of being a ballerina at some point in my childhood, I loved the gracefulness and elegance that ballet appeared to me. As 40-year-old woman, my ballet dreams were about to become a reality, (well sort of) When I came across a new studio right in the centre of Bude offering Barre classes.

Assaya studio is a recently opened fitness studio which offers Pilates, Barre and Trx.  The owner, Emma Woodcock, has been teaching classes for over eight years and is very excited about opening a new studio in the centre of Bude.

My Barre class was a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates; however, that doesn’t mean that it was a soft option of fitness. Working with a ballet type bar, the Barre class made me use muscles that I didn’t know existed.

It’s all about working with your core muscles and focusing on building your inner strength by doing various stretches and gentle movements whilst firmly holding onto the Barre. Emma even incorporated weights into the barre class making the class extra difficult.

As achy as my muscles felt the next day and boy, did they hurt, I really enjoyed the combination of exercises on the barre and strengthening muscles I never knew existed with a good bunch of people of all age groups, great music and a brilliant, encouraging instructor.

On Saturday, 4th May Assaya is having its open day with Emma offering free 30-minute taster sessions all day. Please book in advance for the taster sessions, as well as ‘drinks and tunes’ from 6 pm.

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