My best purchase in a long time…a water bottle

Some months ago, I decided I needed to hydrate myself more. With all the concern about single-use plastic bottles, that obviously wasn’t the way forward. Anyway, we have a borehole which provides us with delicious water.

There are probably alternatives available locally but I picked this up on a whim in Morrisons. It is a Sistema bottle. The air miles aren’t great as it comes from New Zealand but as my son lives there I’m keen to support their economy, too. However, the sizing was wonderful. I wanted something I could pop into a bag or a pocket and so many of them are huge! My bottle, which is Phthalate and BPA (an industrial chemical) free is easy to ash and is a sip and twist design. My only mishap was not closing it properly one day so my bag got a tad soggy.

It’s great for keeping at the side of the bed at night – knock it over fumbling in the dark and you don’t break glass or get water everywhere. It also travels with me. Was very pleased to get a refill in a cafe in Porthleven recently…

Can only recommend it.

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