Morwenstow landowner prosecuted

From Cornwall Council website

Cornwall Council has issued a warning to people who ignore enforcement notices following the successful prosecution of Bude landowner David Lang for failing to comply with a planning enforcement notice.


The Council issued a notice in July 2016 requiring Mr Lang to stop the unauthorised residential use of land, including the removal of two caravans and associated items on land at Wilderland Herb Farm, Morwenstow, Bude.

The case was heard at Bodmin Magistrates Court on the 21 May 2018. Mr Lang was found guilty of non-compliance with the enforcement notice.  The magistrates imposed on Mr Lang a two-year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £2000 towards the Council’s costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

The Council’s Enforcement Group Leader Jon Drew said “Some people still don’t realise that failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice is a criminal offence. The Council’s Planning Enforcement Team are committed to prosecuting people who do not comply with a notice.

“In this case, the landowner has gained a criminal record, has to pay £2000 costs and still has to comply with the Enforcement Notice.”


  • Ian O’Hare says:

    A bit more to this story than this. Scott Mann MP is taking this case up with Cornish council and I believe the police are getting involved. Cornwall Council are gloating prematurely. Perhaps talk to Mr Lang for some balance?

  • Comments appreciated. I’m a volunteer, Ian, so limited time and resources, but Mr Lang is perfectly entitled and welcome to add his comments, too. This was the council’s information but if it is with the police then maybe best not to comment further as do not want to jeopardise justice.

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