Morwenna Meets Reluctant Supermodel

It must be said that a photo shoot is actually my idea of hell. I am not remotely photogenic, nor am I naturally exhibitionist, and I put this off for a long time. Indeed, last time I was offered one, I took the dog instead.

I am middle aged, carry too much weight, and generally do not see myself as the stuff of photos anyone else would wish to see – so here you are, Bude, have this treat on me!  I am not body dysmorphic, just honest when it comes to self-appraisal. “Why do you have to be so hard on yourself?’ asks Kim, my Morwenna photographer. “You are beautiful, and have gorgeous skin.” Well, they say it is more than skin deep, so here’s hoping….

Well, Kim sure knows how to put people at their ease and we ended up having something of a giggle. To be fair, despite me being the world’s worst camera subject, Kim is naturally great with people, and importantly can multi-task, taking photos at the same time as interacting, making you smile, laugh even, and she does a great line in silly hats.

She does a darned good job …… after all, I’ve now used some of these photos on my FB and Linked In, so she obviously takes better ones than anyone else I know.

Local to Stratton & Bude, Kim does weddings, makeovers (this was not one – it’s the real me – though it sounds a very good idea!!) portraits, pets, children, bumps to babies, you name it, she does it, all in her studio.

The skin is not bad, to be fair……so here you are world, this is me, flaws and all.

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