Morrisons Meat Pack for only £10

For the meat eaters among you, you may be interested in the news that Morrisons Bude is selling a 2.3kg Meat Pack containing enough fresh red meat to feed a family for two weeks, for only £10. The supermarket says that all Morrisons-branded fresh meat and everything on their butchers’ counters is 100% British. Morrisons buys direct from British livestock farmers and is the only supermarket to have its own abattoirs and meat processing sites.

The meat deal will be available at Bude on Stucley Road for the duration of National Butcher’s Week, which runs from the 12th to the 18th March, so I’m sorry my being away has made this a little late.

The British Meat Pack, which is equivalent to the amount of red meat the average family eats in two weeks contains:

  • 900g Pork Loin Joint
  • 420g Steak Mince
  • 450g Lean Diced Beef
  • The Best Pork Sausages

Customers will save £5.03 (more than 30%) buying the Morrisons Meat Pack, compared to buying each individual cut of meat.

Kyle Luscombe, the Store Manager at Morrisons Bude, said: “Meat is typically one of the most costly items in customers’ baskets. This British meat pack makes it more affordable so Bude’s customers can enjoy it with their families.”

The supermarket’s butchers will prepare the cuts and put together the packs in the store. They will also offer shoppers expert advice on how to cut, cook and prepare the £10 pack, which has been designed around popular British family meals: a roast using the pork loin joint, a steak mince chilli con carne, beef stew and bangers and mash.

For more information on the Morrisons Butcher’s Meat Pack visit their website.

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