More on the Rusey Beach rescue

From Bude Coastguard:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team were paged around 3.30pm on Saturday to locate a casualty with a suspected dislocated shoulder on Rusey Beach, just south of High Cliff (the highest cliff in Cornwall). Bude Lifeboat, the Bude Lifeboat RWC, and an ambulance from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust were also tasked.


Once the casualty and his friend was located, the information was passed onward to Bude Lifeboat who proceeded toward the casualty’s position. In the meantime, Rescue Team members remained with ‘eyes on’ the casualty and his friend, while the three Rope Rescue Technicians debated the possibility of a technical rope rescue should the Lifeboat be unable to safely recover them from the rocks.

Once the Lifeboat had been directed to the casualty’s position by Rescue Team members, a plan was formulated for the Lifeboat to deposit two crew onto the rocks to attend the casualty, offer immediate first aid, and then decide how the casualty was to be extricated.

As the Lifeboat negotiated the swell and set about putting two crew onto the rock with the casualty, three Coastguard Rescue Officers, including two Rope Rescue Technicians, made their way down the steep cliff path to get a better look at the area directly above the casualty, in case the situation should for any reason require a rope rescue. However, the Technicians concluded that a rope rescue would be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

With factors preventing the casualty and his friend being recovered from the rocks by the Lifeboat, a request was made to the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) via Falmouth CGOC to task Rescue 924 – the Coastguard Rescue helicopter, which coincidentally was already on a training exercise nearby – to the scene.

Within 7 minutes the helicopter had arrived at the incident, and quickly proceeded to lower a Winch Paramedic to the rocks, who then prepared the casualty. Shortly after, both were winched back aboard Rescue 924.

Meanwhile, Rescue Officers at the RV point on High Cliff had prepared a Helicopter Landing Site in anticipation of the casualty’s rescue. Once Rescue 924 had the casualty and the Winch Paramedic safely on board, they then flew directly to and landed in the HLS, and the casualty was handed over to Rescue Officers, who then transferred the casualty into the care of waiting ambulance paramedics.

While this was taking place, the three Rescue Officers at the base of the cliff path met with the casualty’s friend, who had been able to return via the same route they had taken down, and escorted him back up the cliff path.

A tricky rescue, so well done to all involved.

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