More on the polling station muddle

There seems to be some confusion over the upcoming town council by-election for Flexbury and Poughill Ward in Bude.

Bude Town Council website initially advertised that polling would take place at the Parkhouse Centre On June 27th. Yet on Monday 17th, with only ten days to go until the election, candidates received a letter from Cornwall Council stating there would be two polling stations, not one. The Bude website, however, continues to list the Parkhouse Centre as the only venue where residents can cast their votes.

To add to this muddle, Bude Town Council have chosen not to send out poll cards. This makes it unlikely that voters will know which polling station to attend on the day.

Those who have chosen postal voting will be unaffected.

One of the candidates, Steve Haynes, has expressed his concern on social media. Contacting Mayor Bob Willingham on Monday, he asked if the town council could clarify this issue as a matter of urgency.

A founder member of the Save Stratton MIU campaign, Steve Haynes wanted to know, ‘How is the council planning to communicate this change to electors so they know which polling station to attend?’ So far he has not received a reply.


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