More about the sonic boom …

Well, it seems a lot of us heard the sonic boom yesterday. Hard to miss, really.

On Facebook, RAF Marham said:

Today F-35B Lightning aircraft from RAF Marham conducted essential operational training, including Air to Air Refuelling, with Rafale aircraft from the French Fleet Air Arm of the French Navy. The training also included personnel from the Royal Navy School of Fighter Controllers who were controlling both sides from RNAS Yeovilton. This training provides the opportunity to integrate with our French allies and enhance the collective defence partnership further.
The training took place within the supersonic offshore range area off the South coast of the UK. Today this activity resulted in a sonic boom from an F-35 being heard in areas of Cornwall. The aircraft was 25 miles from the coast, sonic booms are not usually heard from the mainland, however climatic conditions may have been a factor today.
Any inconvenience caused to local residents is regretted.
Picture supplied by Flottille 12F of l’Aéronavale, la Marine Francais
It amazes me that they can air refuel at those speeds.
The noise was apparently heard over 14 miles. From Summerleaze, it sounded like an explosion inland. So glad it wasn’t!  I found it pretty awesome, especially with yesterday’s big waves, but I can understand why many people felt worried, if their houses shook, etc.
Anyway, it was definitely a change from my usual tranquil walks.

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