Monday snow scene

We haven’t really seen snow like we’ve had this month in the SW since 2010 when I first moved down here. Then, I remember being snowed in for a week, eventually managing to get to Bude to meet my pre-Christmas grocery shopping delivery driver, while the husband, car laden with sand and shovel to get over the moor, battled his way to Tiverton to collect our offspring from the nearest station.

So, current conditions aren’t too bad by comparison. The A30 saw 82 people stranded overnight at the Okehampton centre, and there were numerous collisions on major roads, but the emergency services, bless them did their best to keep everyone safe, issuing many updates and numerous warnings.

Hundreds of schools are closed today in Devon and Cornwall. Some were planning to open, then decided to open later, then some decided to close. Many school buses were/are not running. Yes, it is confusing, but schools depend on teachers so the icy conditions were making it very difficult for some. At the end of the day, we parents should make sensible decisions based on the conditions where we live.

Even my dog slipped over on the ice, so the surfaces are not easy out there. The wind has caused snow drifts in some areas, such as where I live, making some rural roads impassable. Be patient – none of us is superhuman, which includes emergency service personnel, teachers, and others trying to work in difficult weather conditions. Hopefully, by tomorrow it will all be a memory and we can get back to what we know so well – rain!

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