Mindless case of criminal damage in Bude

Pete Smith is well known among the Bude surfing fraternity. A surfing and coasteering instructor, among other skills and talents, he has also been involved in community/charitable works which he doesn’t shout about. All in, a good bloke. So, this act of mindless damage in Bude is both unexpected and disappointing. Pete writes:

Today I became a victim of crime..

On the 14th August around 5pm I left work … I teach surfing at Crooklets beach in Bude. 

My work place in Bude is a small box trailer parked in the corner of Crooklets car park by the skatepark where I collect the customers and we head down to the sea. 

Between 5 pm (Tuesday the 14th) and 0900 on the following day someone punctured all 4 tyres on my trailer. I could have said slashed but punctured with a sharp object is more accurate. I telephoned Devon and Cornwall Police and now have a crime number, lucky me …

The lady on the phone was very understanding and sympathetic to my situation; however, they don’t think there’s much they can do and I don’t have a lot of information to help them with.

I need to buy 4 new tyres and pay for the call out as I can’t drive the trailer anywhere which is adding to the problem.

Did anyone see anything that night? Did you notice anyone hanging around my trailer who looked like they were up to something? 

Not crime of the century and not the end of the world; however, I still feel like a victim and pretty gutted to be honest.

I work hard to make an honest living and pay all of my fees to the council and insurance, etc., for the right to operate and do what I trained hard to do. 

So now I’m a statistic of crime and I can join the long list of good people out there who are also victims of mindless crimes and for what? Sad day! 

If you have any information regarding this crime I’d be keen to pass it on to the Police … thanks very much. 

Pete bought his new trailer earlier this month. On his business Facebook page, he described himself as: not been this excited since Mam and Dad bought me my first proper bike!

It is not often we hear about mindless vandalism and damage in Bude, and to hear of this impacting on someone’s livelihood and business, is troubling. If you can help find the culprits, please contact Bude and Beyond or Pete at Saltwater Safari.



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