Message from Scott Mann

We’ve received a message for you from Scott Mann, MP, and a lovely image of him attending parliament virtually. Not sure when Parliament returns to normal; I guess it will be when the schools do.

The last few weeks have been very hard on everyone and I would like to thank everybody who has followed the lockdown rules. It is due to local people supporting the NHS by staying at home that we have had such success in containing coronavirus and flattening the curve, which in turn has allowed the government to move to a new stage of our response. We have been able to put forward concrete plans for moving the country forward and the ‘Coronavirus Alert System’, will allow us to tailor our response to the circumstances as changes emerge.

Although I am a member of the governing party, my first duty is always to the people of North Cornwall. Our constituency has been concerned about visitors from upcountry, and while we look forward to the time when we can invite guests back, now is not the time. It is for this reason that I have been consistent in supporting North Cornwall and our public health as a priority throughout. Firstly, by writing directly to potential visitors asking them not to visit Cornwall, and then last month, publishing an open letter to the PM asking him to ensure that our circumstances were considered when lockdown restrictions were eased.

I also used my first appearance in the ‘virtual parliament’ this week to robustly question the Leader of the House. I believe we need to revisit our distancing measures in order to ascertain how far people should be able to travel to take exercise and enjoy open public spaces. It is my position that we should have a debate on this issue to ensure we get some clarity for constituencies such as North Cornwall which can expect a surge in visitors as restrictions are eased.

Last week I was also pleased to welcome the Self-employment Income Support Scheme, as it is something I have been lobbying the Chancellor very hard for. Delivering on this critical support will help many North Cornwall constituents until this crisis passes.

I believe this new government package, along with other measures, including the extension of the furlough scheme, will ensure that we are in a position to restart our local economy when the time is right. Details of this scheme are on my website under the ‘COVID-19’ section and it is open to applications now.

My team and I have been working hard from home over the last few weeks supporting constituents, and many of you have sent kind words to them and me personally. This has been very good for morale and on behalf of everyone in my office I would like to say thank you in return for the support. It is very touching to see how the constituency has come together and there have been some incredible stories of kindness throughout. North Cornwall is a fantastic and special place to live and when this crisis passes, we will be stronger for it.

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