Meeting the Bude Baggers

In a lovely light room with a small kitchen area, donated once a month by Bude TIC as part of their green agenda, the Bude Baggers meet to create Morsbags, those useful free bags made of material from old bedding and curtains, created to reduce our reliance on plastics.

Not sure a ‘bagger’ is too lovely a description, but the ladies present on Monday were Lynda, Mary, Angela and Janet. All enjoy their sewing, finding it relaxing and de-stressing, but they are also pleased to do something for the community, giving back. They take their own machines, pay their own parking costs, and can sew up to 30 bags in a session to give away to the likes of you and I. Yes, that’s right, give away – free.

I can vouch for the strength of Morsbags. I carry lots of shopping in mine and even my laptop. They are washable, reusable, and fold up very small in your bag! They are a wonderful concept.

The Baggers are keen to receive offers of clean material (there is a fabric bin at Rosie’s cafe). There seems a bit of a floral vibe going on at the moment, bang on trend, but lovely bright colours are very popular.

Labels for the bags cost 5p each so the ladies take it in turn to bake a cake for the session (this week was Mary’s turn and she baked a beautiful moist Jamie Oliver marmalade cake) and all contribute £1 which goes towards buying labels. Donation boxes at events also buy labels. They are also trying a stamp to see how well that works. Last year, the Blanchminster Trust gave them a labels donation, for which they were very grateful. They are also thrilled that the TIC is so supportive.  Any donations are welcome. For more info or to join them, check out their Facebook page.

The bags are given out at events like farmers and artisan markets, World Oceans Day, Heritage Day, and in charity shops, Marhamchurch Shop, Widemouth Wet Fish Shop and the Remnant Shop. I proclaim the brilliance of Morsbags wherever I go, and generally people are so impressed, I end up giving mine away, but it’s all in a good cause, the environment.

Well done, Bude Baggers, on making a simple idea work so effectively.  Please help the ladies if you can by joining the sewing sessions, or donating fabric or cash for labels.

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  • Krysia Wood says:

    The bags are lovely. I’m have astand at the Bude farmers and craft market every Friday and I am regularly given the bags to use. I in turn give them to some of my customers who are very grateful of them.
    I Diddnt know I could donate fabric at Rosie’s but now that I do, I will drop some in.

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