Meditation Class starts in Bude at the Parkhouse Centre

By Helen Shingler:


This new meditation class started on Wednesday last week and is being run by through the Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Plymouth.

The teacher James is a very nice guy and made us all feel welcome. The classes are open to any who wish to attend, from beginners to those who have meditated before and know something about the principles of Buddhism.

Each will class start with a meditation and then there is about half an hour of instruction/tuition on related topics before the class ends with a further meditation and tea/coffee/biscuits at the end and an opportunity to chat to others.

Classes run from 7.00-8.30pm in Room 1 at the Parkhouse Centre and next week James will be talking about ‘Identifying our Problems’.  Each class can be taken independently and the sessions are £6 each and run for several weeks.

I attended the first class to see what it was all about.  I am certain that there are real benefits to meditation and being able to stop the incessant chatter that often fills our minds! We are swamped with sensory overload in our everyday life. There is the constant intrusion of social media through our mobile devices!

These classes could be the answer for you if you are struggling to find inner peace on your own, so why not pop along and try one of these sessions?  As for me I find it hard to sit still for that length of time unless I’m watching a good film, so I’m back to gazing out over the ocean for 20 minutes – it works for me!


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