Mayor Bob to stand down from Town Council

With his eyes set on County Council, Mayor of Bude-Stratton, Bob Willingham, will not stand for re-election. I am sure people will be keen to thank Bob for his efforts to make our local government more open and transparent. As he says, there are exciting times ahead, where party politics play can be by-passed in the forthcoming Town Council local election.

Photo from Mayor Bob’s FB page, originally from Cornwall Live

On the Mayor’s Facebook page, he says:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that I will not be standing for BSTC at the elections on May 6th.
I have decided to stand as a Cornwall Councillor in the newly formed Stratton, Kilkhampton and Morwenstow Ward which now includes Poughill and Flexbury and want to dedicate my time to the new role.
During the last 8 years on Bude-Stratton Town Council, with 3 years as Mayor, you have seen my full commitment to the community and I am very excited at the prospect of representing these communities at Cornwall Council.
When I first became Mayor in May 2018, I knew it was important to improve the communication with the community and started this social media page as well as writing a Mayor’s column in the Bude-Stratton Post …  I shared with everybody my desire to improve the “Openness and Transparency” of BSTC. I am proud to say that this has been achieved. In fact, I challenge anybody to show me where the council has been anything other than that.
In a later interview with ‘My Cornwall’ magazine in August 2018, I was asked: “What was I most passionate about solving during my time as Mayor”. My reply was to ‘improve communications and understanding between townsfolk and the council so that at the next town council elections more people would come forward to represent their town’.
Well, I am pleased to say that that seems to be happening. There are no party politics at Town Council level so if you are an independent, positive minded person who wishes to make a difference to Bude -Stratton why don’t you stand for election? Come with a willingness to improve your community. I didn’t know anything about Council procedures and standing orders when I joined but we have an excellent Town Clerk who will ensure you are supported in the role as Town Councillor should you be elected.
If you are interested in standing as a councillor in the local elections on 6 May, information is here :…/parish-and-town…/…
It’s better to try and fail to get elected than regret not trying. Give it a go.
I wish the new councillors all the best in what is a rewarding and vital role.
I have been so proud to have been your Mayor and after I step down I hope people will remember me for the difference I have made.

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