Mann votes ‘For’ the Internal Market Bill

With Covid-19 on the up, many people will not feel too concerned with the Internal Market Bill which will give the UK government the power to override parts of the EU withdrawal agreement, thereby breaching international law.

Some, however, will feel concerned that ‘Get Britain Out’ means a breach of the withdrawal agreement. However, the Bill passed its first hurdle yesterday in the House of Commons. Critics include several Conservative MPs of some standing.

Bude’s MP, Scott Mann, voted for the Bill.

Geoffrey Cox for Torridge had no vote recorded having spoken out loudly and clearly against rewriting the Brexit deal in the Commons. His performance is worth a watch.

The Bill would allow ministers to pass regulations even if they are contrary to the withdrawal agreement previously agreed with the EU.

As the Government has a good majority, no doubt the Bill will pass despite the blustering and scrutiny.



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