Why do birds sing?


Every day I wake to nature’s delightful symphony of the dawn chorus. From the repetition of the wood pigeon to the cawing of the crows, interspersed with more melodic songs, they make a wonderful sound.

Why do birds sing, cheery little bunch? A friend said it is to tell the world that they are still alive. I read up on it and she’s not totally wrong. Birds are at their weakest in the morning after a night of no food, so it is a sign of vigour to call out.

Most birdsong seems to be males flaunting themselves to attract females – pick me, pick me! But female birds also sing, so it seems to be something of an interactive duet.

Whatever the cause (sometimes it is an alarm, or warning call, of course) the sound is amazing. Who needs an alarm clock? The only problem is I’m waking earlier and earlier each day but it is a lovely way to do it. A great start to any day!

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