Which celebrity would send you to sleep?

I mean that in the nicest possible way – those that have soothing voices to help insomniacs to drift off. Anyway, in these dark and dreary times, here’s a little fun:

Following the recent buzz around the meditation app Calm and its incorporation of famous voices reading bedtime stories, it’s no secret that many of us turn to music, celebrity podcasts, and audiobooks to help us fall asleep.


The experts at The Dozy Owl company  were keen to investigate which celebrity voices we find the most soothing to help send us to sleep.

To do this, TheDozyOwl asked 3,488 people which celebrities have the most soothing voices. Then, a list of the top 20 celebrities was collated and surveyed to see which celebrity has the ultimate voice to send us to sleep.


The Results


  Top 10 % of Votes


Sir David Attenborough 89%


Snoop Dogg 83%


Morgan Freeman 79%


Seth Rogen 78%


Julie Andrews 73%


Harry Styles 71%


Gillian Anderson 69%


Emily Blunt 65%


Tom Hardy 64%


Meryl Streep 61%


At the top of the list is the UK’s national treasure, Sir David Attenborough. Securing 89% of the votes, the environmental activist has the most soothing voice to fall asleep to.


Following closely behind in second place is, American rapper and personality, Snoop Dogg with 83% of the votes.


The voice of God, Morgan Freeman, comes third with 79% of the votes, followed by Seth Rogen with 78% and musical star Julie Andrews with 73% of votes.


In sixth place is former boyband member and singer Harry Styles (71%), while in seventh place is actress Gillian Anderson (69%) and in eighth place is British actress Emily Blunt (65%).


Rounding off the top 10 is actor Tom Hardy with 64% and in 10th place is American actress Meryl Streep with 61%. What are your thoughts? Any other suggestions?






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