Five things the DUP will want in return for rescuing a Conservative government

Connal Parr, Northumbria University, Newcastle Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party (DUP) is to provide parliamentary support to Theresa May’s minority government following her failure to secure a majority in her snap election. Early comments from the DUP hierarchy, such as former finance minister Simon Hamilton, suggests the party will expect […]

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The UK election fails to produce a winner – here’s what happens now

Andy Price, Sheffield Hallam University Theresa May’s Conservative party has failed to win a majority in a snap election she called, leaving the UK with a hung parliament and no clear route to a government. When an exit poll correctly signalled the result as polls closed, the pound fell on […]

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To sleep or not to sleep? Everything you need to know about #GE2017 election night

Toby S. James, University of East Anglia It’s going to be a long night as the UK goes to the polls for its snap 2017 general election. So should you stay up all night or take a democracy nap? Here are the key moments to look out for and the […]

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A beginner’s guide to election manifestos – and why they really matter

You probably won’t read them, but these documents can make or break a party. Shutterstock Patrick Diamond, Queen Mary University of London The launch of a party’s manifesto is among the most decisive moments in a British general election campaign. Manifestos are not merely devices to harvest votes at election […]

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