A beginner’s guide to election manifestos – and why they really matter

You probably won’t read them, but these documents can make or break a party. Shutterstock Patrick Diamond, Queen Mary University of London The launch of a party’s manifesto is among the most decisive moments in a British general election campaign. Manifestos are not merely devices to harvest votes at election […]

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No charges in Conservative party election spending affair – here’s why

Sam Power, University of Sussex The Crown Prosecution Service has ruled that no charges will be brought against Conservative Party candidates following an investigation into how 2015 campaign spending was reported. The ruling came around ten years after several of Tony Blair’s close colleagues were arrested in the so-called “cash-for-honours” […]

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The new Hollywood film “Guernsey”

By Dave Cross: I was allowed to film and photograph a new Hollywood Movie yesterday at Sandymouth Bay. The Beach was transformed into a 1940s Guernsey frontier to deter the Nazi invasion. Guernsey stood resolute and defiant against the imminent Nazi influx during World War II. This movie highlights the […]

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Plans to trial commuter rail service Okehampton to Exeter

By Mike Moore: RAIL campaigners in Okehampton are rejoicing after the Secretary of State for Transport revealed there are plans to trial a commuter rail service from Okehampton to Exeter. Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State for Transport, said: ‘We are working with Great Western Railway to put in place […]

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Scott Mann welcomes trial rail service

There were many naysayers who felt that rail services would never return to our area, and I agree that Okehampton is some distance away, but with a shuttle bus from Bude, anything could be possible to improve transport links in future. Meanwhile, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for North Cornwall, Scott Mann, […]

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Why do some accents sound better than others?

One man’s soothing sound can be another’s harsh tones. HBRH/www.shutterstock.com Gerry Howley, University of Sheffield When a funeral planning business recently decided to open its new contact centre in Newport, South Wales, it said it was doing so because Welsh accents sounded more empathetic and consoling – beating off competition […]

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