General election 2017: what does this mean for Brexit?

Kathryn Simpson, Manchester Metropolitan University As the UK’s general election results roll in, it’s clear that Theresa May’s gamble has not paid off. She hoped that in holding a snap general election she could secure a landslide Conservative majority. She has failed. This general election, dubbed the Brexit election, provided […]

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The UK election fails to produce a winner – here’s what happens now

Andy Price, Sheffield Hallam University Theresa May’s Conservative party has failed to win a majority in a snap election she called, leaving the UK with a hung parliament and no clear route to a government. When an exit poll correctly signalled the result as polls closed, the pound fell on […]

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To sleep or not to sleep? Everything you need to know about #GE2017 election night

Toby S. James, University of East Anglia It’s going to be a long night as the UK goes to the polls for its snap 2017 general election. So should you stay up all night or take a democracy nap? Here are the key moments to look out for and the […]

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Poorer students aren’t applying to university because of fears of high debts

Is the sky really the limit when you’re from a poorer background? Pexels Claire Callender, Birkbeck, University of London With various political parties pledging to abolish or alter tuition fees, the question of how to fund higher education is squarely back on the political agenda. The Conservative government has argued […]

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Hag, temptress or feminist icon? The witch in popular culture

Chloe Germaine Buckley, Manchester Metropolitan University You would have thought that Western society might have grown out of the habit of portraying powerful women as witches, but a trope that usually ended badly for women in the Middle Ages is still being used in the 21st century. Those who portrayed […]

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If it’s too good to be true…wedding fraud

Thanks to Lucille for sending this Action Fraud info: With the upcoming “Wedding Season”, and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved. According to ‘’, in 2017 the average wedding cost spend is […]

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