Okja: a film that provides food for thought on ‘sustainable’ meat production

Netflix Seán McCorry, University of Sheffield What if we could meet the challenges of the ongoing environmental crisis without changing our behaviour and practices in any way? What if, rather than revising our way of life, we could instead propose a few technical fixes that would reduce our environmental impacts […]

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Fact Check: is it bad for your health to eat food fried in olive oil?

DenisFilm/Shutterstock James Brown, Aston University and Rachel Adams, Cardiff Metropolitan University It recently has been suggested that using vegetable oils to fry food may be bad for your health due to the production of toxic chemicals called aldehydes during the heating process. Aldehydes are simple organic structures – compounds which […]

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#CoverUpMate – the skin cancer campaign

From the Met Office website: New research, by the Met Office in conjunction with the NHS England #CoverUpMate skin cancer campaign, has revealed a worryingly relaxed attitude towards sun care amongst many parents of young children. Sunburn in childhood has been strongly linked to the development of skin cancer in […]

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Conservatives strike deal with the DUP: experts react

John Garry, Queen’s University Belfast; Grahame Steven, Edinburgh Napier University; Katy Hayward, Queen’s University Belfast, and Stuart McAnulla, University of Leeds After more than two weeks of negotiating, Theresa May, the UK prime minister, has reached a confidence and supply deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). In exchange […]

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Delivery problems affect online shoppers more than anything else…

 We nearly all do it at times, online shopping, but it’s not always plain sailing. Two in three people (69%) who shop online have had parcels lost, damaged or turn up late in the last year, according to new research by Citizens Advice. Two in three people (69%) who shop […]

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Sainsbury’s listeria product recall

Sainsbury’s is recalling a number of their products because Listeria monocytogenes has been found in some of the products. Product details Product: by Sainsbury’s Cheese & Onion Deli Filler Pack size: 220g ‘Use by’ dates: Up to and including 04/07/2017 Item code: 7497786 Product: by Sainsbury’s Cheese & Onion Deli […]

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