Paddington Bear: the story of the refugee and a message of kindness Eleanor Byrne, Manchester Metropolitan University A children’s story about a bumbling bear with a heart of gold is perhaps not the first place you would expect to glean insights into the trauma of World War II or the plight of the refugee. But Michael Bond’s Paddington was born into […]

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How mindfulness can help the shift towards a more sustainable society

Oprea George / shutterstock Christine Wamsler, Lund University We know that mindfulness can transform the life of an individual. But did you know it could also change the world? We are facing increasingly complex global challenges, of which climate change is perhaps the most important. It is obvious that we […]

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How fitness trackers help motivate us to keep in shape

PA, CC BY-SA Craig Donnachie, University of Glasgow and Kate Hunt, University of Glasgow Like many of the shiny new technologies that come out of California, the world embraced the fitbit wristband in a huge wave of enthusiasm when it was launched in 2012. But it wasn’t just a cool, […]

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We change our voice when we talk to high-status people, shows new study

fizkes / shutterstock Viktoria Mileva, University of Stirling and Juan David Leongómez, El Bosque University Imagine going for a job interview and the employer sitting across from you is truly intimidating. He’s big, bold, loud and mean-looking. What might this do to your confidence? To your mannerisms? To your way […]

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High St chains and fish – could do better!

High street restaurants and pubs we all tend to use when travelling to other places need to do more to prevent seafood being overfished, analysis by Fish2fork and the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) shows. Of 11 restaurant and pub chains assessed, Yates, Giraffe, Little Chef, Slug and Lettuce and Wasabi […]

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High cost credit market causing problems

Today, the Bank of England’s latest money and credit statistics show consumer credit increased by 10.3% in the year to May, to £199.7 billion, which means we are simply borrowing more on credit cards and so on ,which in turn means more (often high cost) debt. Citizens Advice says problems […]

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